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Default Re: Warner to go Blu-ray exclusive May 2008!

Originally Posted by Imbroglio
everyone all the sudden gets blu balls over 1% of the market share. mark my words, i've heard from enough ppl already that they refuse to buy into the sony machine, HDM will not die, but when it's all over, i highly doubt it will be BD. digital dwnlds are what Microsoft wants, that was obvious from the iptv/media center announcement so of course they won't throw money at warner. it's estimated that around 48% of americans have broadband connections in their home, while at the same time only around 44% have hdtvs. that may seem like a small percentage difference, but that is actually just over 12 million people in america alone. digital distribution will soon be turned to as you do not need an expensive set to benefit from that.
This is an old discussion but I'll say it again: It will still take at least 10+ years for digital distributaion of HD movies to be matured. Currently the bandwidth is simply not there, the infrastructure is simply not there and we will first have to go though a transition period where people will have get to use to not buying and owning a physical medium for their movies. Ieckon it'd be at least 15+ years (at least!) before anything that resembles Blu-ray quality will be there. Abd if people experience a "buffering" messege just once throughout the movie or just timefractions of macroblocking while the connection is struggling to stream the content, it'll be a huge turnoff for anyone. And what if you actually don't want to just rent a movie but own a movie you have to be garanteed that you will somehow still have access to it for free if the that particular service goes bankrupt (I don't see this as a huge concern however and some measures will be taken I think). As mentioned there is also the issue of portability.

Online digital distributation for movies is not about to kill any physical format these first years.. DD is a part of the future, it's just a more distant future than some of you think.
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