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Default Re: Crysis Retail Patch

Originally Posted by conroejoe
The beta patch will be out next year, it's 8.2GB zipped and called Crysis_2.exe. Maybe next time Crytek will focus a wee bit on the actual performance of the crap they are releasing and for crying out loud don't ruin it with flying around shooting 2 poly aliens. LAME.
Nope. I'm betting the sequal will have even improved visuals over the first, and once again the top of the line systems at that time *still* wont be able to play it in all its glory.

And honestly this is what I'm hoping for. Cevat promised us (heck, you could say it was more of a warning) that no system available today can play Crysis with 100% everything maxed- he warned us of this even before the game came out! And yet people were shocked by the framerates when they maxed all possible settings.

He could have written this in big bold letters, and smacked each of you up the head with it and ya'll still wouldn't have gotten it.

Atleast they were kind enough to disable the "Ultra" settings. Otherwise there'd be even more crying going on.

Now for my first complaint about the game- I've encountered my first "glitch". Just a graphical anomoly actually. Kind of takes from the game play, but oh well. My second time through the game, nearly half way through, and this is the first time I see such a "glitch". Still not enough to completely kill the game for me.
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