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Read this, it basically shows how the whole game works. This is from the NCsoft Europe community co-ordinator

"Many of the previous posters have good points. One of the things playing in here, for some people, is the definition of "grind". For some, fighting a single monster is a grind while others could be at it for days in a row without considering it grinding. Having that said - Aion will need you to kill a couple of bad guys. Of course, that goes for practically the entire* MMO genre.
As has been mentioned, Aion is a whole other franchise than Lineage. With Aion, we want to appeal more to the casual player than the Lineage games did. There's a number of things being done to accomplish this and I'll mention a few.
* ) I don't really enjoy making comparisons like these, but to help paint the picture - Leveling progression will be comparable to that of World of Warcraft albeit perhaps slightly longer. In other words - We're definitely not looking at adopting the progression curve of Lineage II. Aion is an entirely seperate game that isn't necessarily meant for the same audience.
* ) You don't need to reach maximum level in order to participate in PvP(vE), which is the focus of Aion. There is an area called "The Abyss" where you, together in smaller parties or larger raid-groups, will fight to capture or defend fortresses, important military bases/locations - but this isn't limited to players who have reached the maximum level. Something that might be interesting to know is that players actually gain experience from participating in PvP.
*) We want to have short-term goals in the game, such as quests fitting within shorter timeframes. There will also be appropriate rewards for completing those. Very powerful game items (weapons and armours) will be attainable in different ways, making it easier for casual players to gradually work towards them. Examples would include: Crafting, questing, PvP'ing, raiding or simply PvE'ing.
*) Of course, if there's nothing to do besides fighting, things could grow old rather fast anyway. That's why there will be many other things in Aion to do, too. Just a few examples would be the cooking system, the gathering of resources or the crafting of items that players actually have use of. There are some gameplay videos out there right now, could be informative to check them out.
I hope these few points helped at least a little bit in clarifying a little bit about what we want to achieve with Aion. I hope you stick around and decide to do some more, deeper research on the game. We are still working on a larger, official website, so I'm afraid that for now some detective work might be required.
* Due exceptions would include games with a more social focus."
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