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Originally posted by Matthius
I found ONE problem that might be screwing mine over. my power supply is only 240W. do you think that could be the problem? oh yeah, and i downloaded the latest drivers today from winfast AND Nvidia, and both of them didn't work.

Does anyone know why they wont install properly??? the only one that works is the one on the cd that i got with it. the cd is version 3.9. now, i have downloaded 4 different drivers. thats more that 40 meg on a 33.3k, and when you find out that they don't work, IT KILLS YOU!!!

alright, can someone that KNOWS or EXPERIENCED this problem, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ help! i have had this problem for months!!!
I used to solve the problem by shutting off the video bios shadows and all the other video shadows in the bios. But then later on the problem came back and I never really managed to fix it, so I just got a GF4 for really cheap from Visiontek and the problem went away forever.
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