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Default Re: First real Blu-ray player announced, Panasonic DMP-BD50

Originally Posted by evilchris
Many "justs" want to have the sound that is supported per the back of the box.

Many "justs" want BD-Java to work properly.

Many "justs" want to have BD's with the same functionality that HD DVD had in April 2006. See 300.

Many know that "playing Internet games" is only a small part of what BD-Live brings.

It amazes me how little "Blu-ray fans" know about Blu-ray. I cannot believe you defend and support the absolute laziness of the CE manufacturers when it comes to the players.

1) HD DVD does not decode DTS HD MA or HR any differently from the PS3.
2) BD-J works fine on every PS3, all several million of them. Plus, your Panasonic'll do it. A large percentage of BD players became BD 1.1 ready the instant that patch went up. Can a BD 2.0 patch be far behind?
3) Many just want HD DVD to push lossless audio and 1080p video as bottom-line features that cannot and will not be removed to make for cheaper players. The HDA1 launched without TrueHD 5.1 and only added it in later, thus ensuring the entire spec requires only TrueHD 2.0. Since HD DVD doesn't have the space to provide LPCM (the only lossless audio 5.1 every player has to support), HD DVD discs have a larger percentage of non-lossless audio than Blu-ray. Every major release on BD (Live Free or Die Hard, Spiderman 3, POTC3) all came with lossless audio. Transformers, on HD DVD, was given a lossy DD+ because they just didn't have the room for the lossless PLUS the backup DD+ stream AND the features.

So you decide that advanced features for PiP (which I just watched on RE: Extinction btw, totally overrated as features) are important whereas I think a real focus on lossless audio is more important.

Stop being so rednosed. Both formats came out incomplete. HD DVD was still struggling to get their disc space up to the same standards as BD when WB finally saw that BD had finished first. And then they rolled on over to the Blu-camp and left Toshiba crying into the wind.

BD 1.1 is complete and BD 2.0 will be soon. Meanwhile, TL51 isn't even on a manufacturing plant. When both standards come out incomplete and you only point out the incomplete quality of one, I think that makes you... biased.

I suggest you get used to your BD player because I think we can safely assume by this time next year... HD DVD will be a distant memory and Toshiba will be proudly announcing its next generation Blu-ray device.
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