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Default Re: First real Blu-ray player announced, Panasonic DMP-BD50

Once again Cain comes out of the woodwork with a clueless post. BDLive is done NOW, just no manufacturer has put it in until Panasonic. Only the PS3 can be upgraded to it, all other SAL's are SOL as they have no Ethernet port.

Transformers had no lossless track because Paramount chose not to include one, they way they did on NEARLY ALL OF THEIR BD'S. You are so freaking clueless. Quit posting random BS. It had nothing to do with space. If you had a brain, you'd know about Troy DC which is a THREE HOUR MOVIE and included DOLBY TRUE HD on HD DVD. Transformers is shorter. God damn man..... you also don't even seem to know Transformers HD DVD is a ****ING TWO DISC SET. The special features are on an entirely DIFFERENT DISC therefore have nothing to do with why there is no lossless track on the disc. You just exposed a great deal of ignorance. Additionally, there are not "2 tracks" for THD and DD+. damn....

The POS3 is not even a candidate for a BD player for me and never has been. You seem VERY uninformed about the craptastic standalones with profile 1.0, COMPLETELY UNABLE TO BE UPGRADED DUE TO NON PRESENT HARDWARE. You also don't realize the PS3 WILL NEVER BE ABLE to bitstream HD audio, only decode it if you are lucky, due to the HDMI chip it uses. Read up sometime. Good luck praying for DTSMA.

While you do, I'll have the player this thread is about, which you derailed, which is a 100% superior BD player compared to everything out there including the POS3.

You say lossless audio is important? You're screwed then because your POS3 cannot decode DTSMA or bitsteam ANYTHING. This thread is about the new BD50, the 1st REAL BD PLAYER. The PS3 is a toy, and craptastic player due to the fact it cannot support what 100% of the discs have.

This thead had nothing to do with HD DVD so take your PS3 bias to the console forum newb. My thread is about the new Panasonic, the first actual BD player that supports the specs of BD. You're into lossless audio? You bought the wrong player. It's too bad PS3 owners get so damn butt hurt when the deficiencies of PS3 BD playback are cited.

I am very sorry you need to justify your PS3 purchase and rant about HD DVD in a thread about the new Panasonic BD50.
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