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Default Re: HDMI... now DisplayPort?

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
can you recommend me one? i'm not familiar with all those brands and what not.
Don't own any myself, so I couldn't. This is only logical in your case though. A sub is more aimed at low frequency "sounds" than "effects," and only in the more expensive cases does it do the later very well.

A bass shaker on the other hand is entirely different. Instead of using a big speaker driver to move air, it uses a motor to shake the ground or your chair.

Personally I have heard good things about the buttkicker gamer, and am thinking of getting one as I myself both watch TV and game while sitting in an office(ish) chair.

I have read that music professionals, especially drummers, have also found good use for the buttkicker gamer as well. Some such professionals have written reviews about it here:

Apparently it isn't just a gamers toy like the name implies.

I've seen these go as low as $50 in some cases. If I wasn't preparing to move I might have gotten one by now.
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