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Default My New Q6600 & 8800 GT SLi Build (56k No Way)

I have upgraded my computer to a Q6600 G0 and 8800GT (PoV) in Sli with 4Gb (2x 2Gb) of OCZ memory. All on a 680i EVGA board! With a 620W Corsair PSU. (EDIT: also in between the GFX cards is a Creative X-Fi Xtreme gamer)

All fitting into a Super LANBoy case!!!

I am reusing my watercooling setup. With the fans I had which could have the lights turned off and the speed of the fans were also controlled.

Feel free to ask questions!

First the computer at stock to test it:

Note the messy wires and the rheostats at the back!

Next the CPU watercooler as I took it out:

This shows the cooler is a standard Asetek Antartica (s939), which I will mod to fit the Socket T motherboard.

Now I stripped the gfx cards:

the cooler:

I used an EK fullcover watercooling block for the GT's:

The waterblock is nice and shiny, but I could not lap it since the main GPU part is at a different height to the rest of the ram and power converter chips.

Now I had lying around some ram heatsinks so I had the idea of using them to cool the MOSFETS on the GFX card, here they both are:

Going by this pic I used Arctic adhesive to attach the heatsinks:

The next step was to lap my CPU and CPU heatsink, I'm glad I did as when I started it clearly showed that both were far from flat!
1st the CPU cooler:

Then to lap it:

As you can see the shadow in the middle a bow stick out!
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