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Default Re: My New Q6600 & 8800 GT SLi Build (56k No Way)

The prept CPU:

Again not very flat as seen by this half way stage pic:

Don't be concerned about the wetness, all parts were thoroughly covered with a robust piece of plastic and the masking tape was replaced several times during lapping to make sure nothing was seeping through!
Now both together after lapping!

The CPU heatsink was still curved but not in the region were it covered the CPU so I was happy with that.
You can also see hack-sawed piece on the CPU to enable the cooler to fit around the components on the motherboard!
The DIY mounting is shown here:

This showed it needed to be moved to the left a touch. The CPU heatsink is mounted onto bolts which are then attached to acrylic oblong-shaped spacer (hack-sawed from my chipset cooler block ), which in turn are mounted upon four bolts on the motherboard! Doesn't look great but gets the job done and you can not really see it when it is fully built! The bottom left corner is fixed with a standard asetek bolt.

I used two rads in my last build and had one spare so I implemented the third and mounted it on the outside of the case:

The pipes were fed through a dedicated PCI-bracket to make things nice and neat! You can also see the cable tidying compared to the first pic!

After separate leak testing it was all powered up:

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