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Default My New Q6600 & 8800 GT SLi Build (56k No Way)

Fan lights turned off:

Pic of the door panel open with the Zalman controller (unfortunately when I purchased the SATA drives, no silver ones were in stock, nevermind!)

Preliminary results:
After some failing with the overclocking the CPU (needed to flash the bios to P31) I'm at 3.3 GHz (Vcore 1.33 underload), the Gfx cards are 685/1745/1050. The temps are:
CPU Idle (35 C) and load (55 C, with a very hot room so the ambient temps are high!).
For the GFX: Idle is 38 C and load is 42 C (!!!), so plenty of head room to go! (and I will look into volt modding the cards)
My 3D Mark 06 is 17200!
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