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Default What's more important, CPU Multiplier or CPU FSB?

Ok, so I finally started to follow directions for overclocking instead of enter and pray. My CPU's max multiplier is 12x and I max out at 3.0GHz without slowing my RAM down. I did what this one guy did that reviewed my motherboard, start from 5x and gradually work my way up until you max out. So, I started with 5x and my RAM running at DDR2 400 (200MHz) and my CPU FSB at 240MHz and my HT Link at 5x. It went good. Then I started to go up, adding the multiplier by increments of 1 until I couldn't go anymore. I lowered my HT Link to 3x to let me go higher. I reached a maximum of 290MHz FSB at 11x, RAM at (I think, I'm not sure how to calculate RAM speed) 270MHz. I tried getting my RAM to full DDR2 800 speed and I achieved it by lowering my FSB to 260MHz, 11x CPU multi, and 4x HT, and I got my RAM running at 535MHz (WOW) but I ran into some BSOD's, so I just bumped my voltage up about +.250v and my CPU voltage to 1.45 and I got things stable. But then I started getting BAD_POOL_HEADER, partmgr.sys, and STOP: 0x000000F7 BSOD's. Could that be because I'm clocking too high?

Back to the main idea that forced me to post this. Is it better to have really fast CPU FSB with a lowered multiplier? In my case, it would be 260MHz at 11x. Or is it better to have my multiplier maxed out at 12x and my CPU FSB maxed out at 250MHz? What would be faster and what's more important?

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