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Default Re: Wow or WH Online

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Warhammer online and Warhammer 40k are 2 diff things.
I could be wrong, but I think 40k is scheduled to come out next year.

In order to be successful, they must hit the bar that Blizzard set when they made WoW. It must have customizability. It also better run well on average systems and come out with balance in mind. Nobody wants to play an MMO where they are the 'weak' class. WoW isn't perfect, but it is the best out of all of them I have tried. It has some of it all.
I think it also will need to be much more user friendly.....
I remeber when I first started playing wow, I had no idea idea what I was doing, and there wasnt really much guidance ingame either.

I have heard a lot of complaints from ppl that wow is not an easy game to pick up and go with straight away.
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