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Default Re: 360 vs PS3: Different viewpoint

Originally Posted by crainger
Wait wait wait... If I put a HD tuner card in my PC, I can then watch TV through my 360 in extender mode? I thought it only played back pre recorded material.
Yes you can. I do. I have two huppauge pvr usb2 tuners hooked via usb to a lowly athlon 1800+ 1gig ram box with a dedicated 200gig recording drive, and watch live tv through one of the tuners while recording from another. You can even record with both tuners at once and watch a pre-recorded show on the 360 with no hiccups. While I know from experience that putting a geforce 6800 in that box and using it to watch recorded stuff on tv puts far too much of a additional load on that old box. I'm using MCE for Vista too.
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