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Default Re: 360 vs PS3: Different viewpoint

Originally Posted by EciDemon
XBMC is being ported to linux, it will be the same as on xbox with better support for HD.

To me a media centre is something you actually store media on (the reason I got the original xbox in the first place, xbmc). the 360 blows here as you can only rip and store audio CDs, you can't change the HDD and the bigest one isnt very big at all.

I think media extention is a nice idea, but If i wanted my puter turned on while watching movies etc, id just use that one directly and save on power, for a console the 360 is a powerhog too, and loud.

Cant speak for the ps3 as I dont have one yet, but to me it looks better on paper, and you can officially install linux on it.
hehe, Xbmc on the ps3 anyone ?
A while back I checked out a PS3 running Linux (Yellowdog I believe) and it was painfully slow. I guess the limited memory (256mg) was the deal breaker.
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Originally Posted by nVJoe
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