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Default Re: Wow or WH Online

After playing WOW for so long I really want to try out WAR (as they short it, WH: age of reconing).
Dunno if itīll be better, but I hope so..

Me and a buddy had some discussions on how a major problem in WOW is that when you think about it, PVP seems like a afterthought.
Most classes have separate PVE and PVP talent builts, and gear.. IMO ideal would be if you didnt have to choose, you just got better gear and different talent builts, but they all were equally viable in PVP as in PVP.

WAR seems very PVP oriented so Im hoping it will be a bit better with that sort of stuff in mind.
And if it isnt, well, there are always more WOW expansions hehe.

I really hope they pull it off with the 40K MMO that is in the works, there is SO much potential in that universe so they should be exiled to the moon if they mess it up.
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