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Default Re: Patch 1.1 is released!

well seems like D310D or whatever they call it DX10 i call it got most fixes but multi optimization where?

Chek this mates

Max FPS: 52.93 169.28 after patch on high (not veryhigh tweak)
Max FPS: 56.92 169.28 begore patch
Average FPS: 42.65 after patch
Average FPS: 39.57 before patch

now that was iteresting as the max FPS got lowered average got like 3+FPS

iŽll give you the results with 4XAA all benches are 1024x768

here is new results

Max FPS: 49.98 after patch 169.28 drivers
Max FPS: 45.95 before patch 169.28
Average FPS: 40.12 after patch
Average FPS: 36.10 before patch

i would like to say some FPS gain is what i got not 20% more but the again i think that is impossible

but still good for the old G80 GTS 640mb ASUS

1280x1024 i know my card goes down way down
Intel I7 920
gigabyte HD6970 2gb
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