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Default Re: 360 vs PS3: Different viewpoint

Originally Posted by Lyme
That and as one of my eve-online corp mates rants tirelessly about is how you have virtually zero access to the gpu in the ps3 under linux, and Sony intends on keeping it that way.

As for the 360 and media, MS has positioned the console as a 'media extender' rather than a device that stores your media and plays it. Thats why it works well with media center being hosted on a computer somewhere else in your home, and also works really well with Windows Home Server.

The PS3 should be able to do virtually everything that the 360 does in that respect, except that it does not include windows media center extender functionality. Which simple means you would have to use something like sagetv or beyond tv or whatnot.
is there anyway for 360 to grab media from windows 2003 server or windows 2008 server? I have full license of 2003 server from college, and right now running 2008 server RC1 evaluation. But once I go back to college in spring, there is a very good chance i will get server 2008 license.
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