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Default Re: Patch 1.1 is released!

well, I've been contemplating deleting crysis off my hd but I guess since it''s still installed I'll give this patch a shot...that motion bar slider sounds nice, I imagine that has to help performance somehwhat...

I just love how much sh*t we're fed from developers. " Oh we need to implement sli and it will be much improved with our first patch", and here we see reports of 1 to 2 fps faster, now all you fanboys go do the math and tell me that's 19% faster!!! Or however you have to add it up to make it sound good, but honestly...for such a resource hogging mediocre game, I figured they would have poured their hearts into improving performance by at least 7 or 8 fps...maybe I'm expecting too much, I have some nerve...give me 24 fps instead of am I out of line. ha
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