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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Ok, I just got my parts in and I'm trying to install Vista HP right now. And it's my luck that I already have a problem. I'm starting to think that my PSU isn't going to cut it. For some strange reason, I turn on my HTPC and the CPU fan will start to go and quit. It will do this a few times and then go at normal speed. Then, Vista installation is REALLY slow. It's taken me 5 minutes to get to the product key screen! I even took out my 8600GT and replaced it with my old 7600GT but it doesn't go faster or anything.

Does anyone know what's going on? I just know for a fact that Vista installation isn't this slow.

EDIT - NVM. I got Vista installed and everything seems to run just fine. Will post pics later!
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