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Default Is this too much or am I wussing out?

I've been overclocking my E6400 with my new P35 Neo2-FR board but no matter how much I read about overclocking settings and results I can't seem to find a good answer to if I'm pushing things too far or if I'm just being a girly man.

A couple of notes:
For cooling I'm using a Cooler Master Hyper TX2 with AS5.
For temperature results I'm using the low and high from a successful OCCT graph with CoreTemp temps.

I can get a stable 3.00GHz overclock with:
FSB: 375MHz
CPU Voltage: 1.325V
VTT FSB Voltage: 1.250V
NB Voltage: 1.300V
Temp (Idle-Load): 39-56

Or a 2.67GHz OC with all default settings except:
FSB: 333MHz
Temp (Idle-Load): 35-50

My issues start to arrise when I push for 3.20GHz. I can get into Windows and basically taste stability at:
FSB: 400MHz
CPU Voltage: 1.400V
VTT FSB Voltage: 1.300V
NB Voltage: 1.350V
Temp (Idle-Load): 39-59

Here's what I'm wondering:
Some of the stuff I've read warns to never pass above 60 degrees, others 65, and some say you're good all the way to 80.
Do I need to be afraid of passing above 60 degrees?
Can I push the VTT and NB voltages a little higher without fear of damage? I seem to be able to raise them in lou of raising the CPU voltage but my motherboard marks higher values in red calling them "unsafe". Are they just covering their ass, or are mine high?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'd really like to get 3.2Ghz, it felt faster, something the other OCing didn't do.

edit: forgot my temps @ 333
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