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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

My GeForce 6800 gt is having large amounts of artifacts and snow, with random full system shutdowns and stuttering. My graphics card is running at 106c at all times even with proper fans. I've got the card set at 256 apprature (which I believe to be normal for my card and dropping the apprature to 64 didnt seem to do anything). I bought this computer second hand from a friend and it was over clocked when I got it.
I have reset my bios to default settings and formated my computer yet I'm still having the same problem, and I cant seem to get the temprature down.
What is a normal temp for my card to be running at?
Is there any possibilities that this thing is still over clocked? how could I tell.
any ideas? I'm unable to even run games from 2002 on lowest settings without my system rebooting. Any help would be amazing.
I'm desperate here.
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