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Default Re: Patch 1.1 is released!

I got and built my new rig just after xmas ( ordered all the parts from ebuyer )
I wasn't expecting to be able to play this maxed so I played and completed it in about 3 days @1280x900 all setting to high no AA no tweaks.
I ran and looked great, I quite enjoyed it.
I'm not sure whether to bother downloading the patch or not, it doesn't sound like it's worth it.

See Sig for details.

PS: I'm using XP. I had yet another example of how crap Vista is last week, I ordered my daughter a dell PC bottom of the range. It came with Vista ( because Dell charge 30 to put XP Home on!!!) so I thought we'd try it and see. It was slow, Very slow, slower than my sons 2 year old bottom of the range Dell PC running XP!! even though the new machine has more memory, a faster CPU and better GPU. It took 20 seconds to display the normal Windows Control Panel!! and had driver issues(ie there isn't one) with a web cam. The USB wireless device only reported 80% strength even though it was only a meter from the router!.
After one day we gave up and installed XP - now the machine is seriously faster than my sons machine. Wreless strength is 98%, webcam works. Quake3 fps doubled. So much nicer to use. Now my daughter is happy and I'm happy.
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