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Default Re: Crysis = One big cheat fest online

Originally Posted by bacon12
Agreed. Stinks like a big streaming pile of donkey *hit. It's hard to say what could make it better, it just feels wrong.
- Poor performance
- Miserable map design
- Imbalanced weapons
- Lack of DX10 servers
- Lame "prestige" system (Experienced players - claymore whores, too - are over-rewarded; newcomers are severely underhanded as each time they die they restart from scratch.)
- The two factions have absolutely no personality/difference

I could go on and on about just how much this game's multiplayer blows, but I think I'll cut it short and spare the extra whining and moaning. This game is a major letdown. I was expecting tactical firefights within dense jungles - guys perched in trees, tanks crushing foliage as they drive along narrow paths, etc. It doesn't help that when someone is in armor mode, it takes almost an entire clip and then some just to f***ing kill them. It's ridiculous, and totally kills the fun factor for me. It's like playing a horrible version of Halo.

Even Battlefield 2 is far better, because hell, you only get the interactivity in DX10 mode and look at how many DX10 servers are even available. You're lucky if you find 10, and out of those 10, you're lucky if two have a playable ping.
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