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Default Re: New Cevat Interview

Originally Posted by SeriTonin
" we need to continue to educate gamers, our game is very playable at medium and high settings on systems 2-3 years old. "

Educate these nuts. Medium looks like **** and High runs like ass.... on system's 3 MONTHS old, let alone 3 year's old.

They failed to admit the game is a mess and that they chopped off a decent ending to get the game out in 07.
This is really funny, how could they dare to say MEDIUM is "HIGH" actually!? they could just admit that the game run like crap, nope, it's MAXIMUM CRAP, I can say that, STALKER looks far better than Crysis, and run FAR BETTER than Crysis too!! if I must force myself to play Crysis in MEDIUM setting, then I would prefer, UNINSTALL IT!
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