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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
Really? I didn't know uncompressed was the same as a lossy 1.5 DTS+++++ OMG IT HAZ TEH PLUZES!@

I watched some of the PIP stuff on Sunshine (because OMG Blu-Ray has it too, what will HD-DVD do?!) and honestly the stuff is horrible... it takes up a quarter of the screen and doesn't add anything to the movie.

And I also laugh at that petition... it says HD-DVD has in movie menus over Blu-Ray... uhhh... that has been in Blu-Ray since day one... but whatever.
More BD ignorance. A lot of BD's require you to stop the movie to access the menu.

Can you tell me how you are getting uncompressed audio on your Fox and other titles? Which HDMI 1.3a receiver are you using? What BD player are you using to bitstream it?
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