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Default Re: New Cevat Interview

No, no, no. I don't think you guys get it. As Cevat clearly implied, it's OUR fault. He "told us all along" that we'd be able to play the game great on 2-3 year old machines! Doh! "Great" is 15-45 fps at reasonably high settings! 15FPS is perfectly reasonable! It's our fault Crytek released videos of the game running on settings they haven't even released yet at seemingly 100+fps. Not deceptive at all. Our fault that Cevat assured us consistently that an 8800 would run the game perfectly at high settings. I'm sure if someone wanted to, they could dig up the old interviews/articles and quote him on that.

It's funny how often Cevat contradicts himself, I wonder if Cevat thinks its funny that he lost the trust of his market, the gamers, for his false promises..

I love his double speak and passive voice: no, he doesn't regret being dishonest about how the game will run, he regrets not "educating" us enough in terms of the game settings. Before he said that 8800gtx+crysis+high settings=great performance, now he's claiming that the current medium should've been the current high? and so on? so "top of the line" machines can only run crysis on the current medium (which isn't even true, and crysis' medium settings look like crap)?

It would be nice if Cevat confessed that he exaggerated how well crysis would perform, and that he regrets that. But no. It'd be nice if this patch increased performance by 10-15% or whatever it was advertised as. But no.

/endrant. Sorry, I get bored in Journalism class.
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