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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Oh well, looks like SD DVDs and pirate WMV-HD rips are the way forward for most.

Alot of the films available on Blu-Ray that I would consider collectable stink in comparison to the HD-DVD versions, and if you look at the write ups for alot of the releases they get slated.

How is this more consumer friendly, also considering BD 1.1 players are not far from extinction.

What's going to happen when the general public running non-upgradeable 1.1 players try and use 2.0 releases?

Will they work fine, but just lack certain features?

Will they have to release a 1.1 version , and one 2.0 ?

For something claiming to be in the consumer's interests, leaves too many unknowns.

Are we going to get some sort of mass outcry when people bitch newer titles don't work?
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