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Default Re: Cant install patch

Had not modified any ini files, nor removed the videos, and the patch did not install.

Reinstalled game from scratch, and the patch then installed (running as Administrator).

Am running Vista Ultimate.

If your cursor is all fubar in the menus, switch out of full screen and back using Alt-Enter and it works correctly. I also got this same issue without the patch, so not patch related.

Game seems to run smoother, but I got slightly LOWER scores running the GPU benchmark with DX9 than I did with DX10! Go figure

DX10, 1680x1050, No AA, High
Min=18.97, Max=35.10, Avg=29.08

DX9, 1680x1050, No AA, High
Min=16.95, Max=35.44, Avg=27.57

Other benchmarks:

DX10, 1680x1050, 2xAA, High
Min=13.90, Max=30.04, Avg=24.58

DX10, 1680x1050, No AA, Very High
Min=9.45, Max=19.47, Avg=17.40

DX10, 1680x1050, No AA, Low
Min=60.23, Max=135.49, Avg=90.06

DX10, 1680x1050, No AA, Medium
Min=31.20, Max=71.53, Avg=51.36

Am running 169.25.
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 | i7 920 @ 3.6GHz
POV GTX480 | 6GB Patriot DDR3 @1443
X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro | 120GB OCZ Vertex SSD
2xSamsung 7200 750GB RAID 0| Akasa Eclipse 62
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