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Default Re: Crysis Screenshot Thread

Here are a few screen shots with Natural Mod 1.2. The game looks absolutely stunning on our living room TV. With Natural Mod you really get the feeling that it's morning and the sun is just coming up over the ocean. In the other shots it add a lot more depth to the scene with additional haze/fog and you really get the feeling that you are running through a dense forest/jungle the way the light is shimmering through the leaves. In general I think Natural Mod enhances the atmosphere of the game. When I get a little further in the game I'll take a few more screenshots.

I think this guy has done an amazing job with the TOD settings and made the game look much closer to some of the earlier pre-release shots/videos of the game. I'm not sure some of the enhancements are true to life, but I don't really care since, over all, I think it just makes the game look better.

FYI, all the shots were taken during actual gameplay. All effects are set to "very high". EdgeAA is 2x, texturestreaming is off, and I precache level is on since I have 4GB of ram. Oh and the r_motionblurshutterspeed is turned up to 0.09. I like it that way because it makes the game look very cinematic. All the shots are at 1280x720 exept for one which is at 1360x768. The slightly larger one was taken in fullscreen mode at my LCDTV's native resolution. For all the others I ran the game in windowed mode at 720p so I could quickly minimize the game and do a few other things. Enjoy.

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