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Default Re: New Cevat Interview

I still stand by my fact that if you can't find any faults with something you've created, you have problems. He said the only problem was that they didn't explain to users better about the system requirements. I'm sorry, but every developer can find faults with their product.

I'm not talking simply about graphics here. The graphics look amazing and obviously Crysis is ahead of it's time, but what about everything else? The final level was an absolute joke. The VTOL mission before it was one of the worst I've ever played in an FPS game as well.

Overall though, Crysis was amazing. I can't wait for a few years to go by so I can play it to its full graphical potential (and maybe even mainstream laptops will be able to play it by then). But you can't honestly tell me that you can't find a single fault with your game after it's released.
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