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Default Re: Even the BDA admits BD still isn't ready for release

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt
He said 360.

And what about the supposed triple layer HD-DVD disc? Doesn't sound too final to me.
The difference is, any HD-DVD player on the market will be able to play current, past and future releases with full features no problem.

That's the difference.

It's a disgrace that current owners won't be able to run future content.

Has there ever been a case of this happening in previous movie formats?

This so called format war has absolutely nothing to do with the consumers best interests, it's simply about the money. I'm usually ok with that, aslong as quality is assured.

I want a standalone player now that is futureproof from the off, and shouldn't have to buy a PS3 to guarantee that.

It takes the piss, really does.
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