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Default Monster PowerLine 300, 8ft High Performance is great!

I just got a Monster PowerLine 300, 8ft High Performance AV power cable. I connected to the back of my 1.1K PSU on my HP Blackbird 002 and man, all I can say is that it's better then the prior psu cable I was using. It cleans the picture and sound to where I use to hear pops and cracks and static but now I don't. Infact, the sound quality is even more clearer and the picture quality is more cleaner, colorful and richer then before. This is my experience!

Features and benefits:

For True Audiophile AV Performance, You Need an Audiophile Quality AC Power Cord Most discriminating audiophiles know that a detachable IEC power cord can affect a system’s performance. Your components can’t deliver the best possible sound and picture when AC power is transferred by an inferior cord. Ordinary power cords can experience current loss and are vulnerable to radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

Introducing Monster’s PowerLine 300 Advanced IEC Power Cord To Maximize Home Theater and AV Component Performance End to end, PowerLine 300 utilizes leading edge technologies and design to achieve the best possible performance from your home theater or critical listening system. PowerLine 300 delivers efficiency, accuracy and maximum power. It combats performance-degrading RF interference, and the EM interference that’s generated by various household appliances, even adjacent components through their power lines and interconnects.

PowerLine 300 Delivers Four Times More Power for Better Sound and Picture
PowerLine 300 is designed with 261 strands of ultra-high purity copper in each of its three conductors, so you get 4 times more cable than ordinary power cords. With so much stranding, it’s flexible enough to route through cabinets, yet heavy enough to minimize resistance and maximize power transfer. It all adds up to greater visual and sonic clarity from all your AV sources. Clearer highs with rich, deep bass and cleaner, brighter video—an overall enhanced experience.

Xtra Low Noise Technologies Keep Your Power Transfer Interference-Free
To safeguard against RF and EM interference from external and internal sources, PowerLine 300 features a unique double shield plus a double-molded termination. Two isolated layers of shielding and a full coverage mylar foil fend off external RF interference, while a tightly woven copper braid protects against EM interference. These are separated by a high-density dielectric. A drain wire connects the shield to the AC source ground, sending accumulated noise back to the wall plug, lowering the overall noise floor. What’s more, Monster’s precision 24k gold contact plug resists corrosion and maximizes power transfer.

Enhance Your Audio/Video Experience with Monster PowerLine 300 Your AV system requires a high performance power connection. PowerLine 300 makes it possible to get all the performance you paid for!
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