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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
Oh well, looks like SD DVDs and pirate WMV-HD rips are the way forward for most.

Alot of the films available on Blu-Ray that I would consider collectable stink in comparison to the HD-DVD versions, and if you look at the write ups for alot of the releases they get slated.

How is this more consumer friendly, also considering BD 1.1 players are not far from extinction.

What's going to happen when the general public running non-upgradeable 1.1 players try and use 2.0 releases?

Will they work fine, but just lack certain features?

Will they have to release a 1.1 version , and one 2.0 ?

For something claiming to be in the consumer's interests, leaves too many unknowns.

Are we going to get some sort of mass outcry when people bitch newer titles don't work?
Sure for the most stubborn HD DVD fanboys that will probably be the reaction. For most movie lovers and newcomers to HDM (99% of the targetgroup you're referring to as "the most") the answer will be Blu-ray and most are just happy that the format war is over now. Lol you're totally blowing this thing up. I can't help but you view youself as one giant HD DVD fanboy

1.1 and 2.0 players will clearly be the norm after seeing the CES announcements. A wide range of manufactuers has announced at least one player to be available in the near future. ALL players will play the movie itself, which is what the majority of the customers out there are interested in IMO. 95% of the players will support PiP in mid-2008 consisting of PS3 and the mentioned newly announced players. Some of these 95% will have the 2.0 profile spec which will allow for very special features like playing a flash/adventure like game while playing a movie, playing trivial games, downloading subtitles, downloading new trailers etc., but 2.0 movies WILL PLAY FINE on ALL players. They will never be more than ONE SINGLE VERSION of a movie in regard to the profile spec., the features you have with the more advanced players will just not greyed out / not available if you have an inadequate player. Granted they should have made a finalized spec from the beginning, but this is really the only disadvantage to Blu-ray that will disappear in time and will not matter for the FAR majority of the customers when informed correctly by the store salesmen and if they just do a very minimal of research before they purchase. Sorry HD DVD boys, the war is over and those of you who resort to SD DVD and piracy even though you love HDM are pathetic IMO
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