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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Standalone players if you want to wait several minutes from when popping in the disc to the movies plays. PS3 if you want playback quite instantly.

I have no idea what evilchris means when he says that the PS3 is not futureproof (more than a SA player at the least) and he rarely seems to elaborate on his statements unless you ask him to..

Originally Posted by crainger
Stand alones are better. As Chris mentions software based players like the PS3 and 360 addon have a soft image that you just don't get with a standalone. Compare DVD playback on a PC compared to a decent player and you will see what he means.

Chris will do the recommending. I can't comment as we are pretty much still stuck with $1200 first gen players here. ::
Are you trying to compare the an external HD DVD drive with the PS3 bluray internal? While I can grant the fact that X360 playback is software based, I'd like to see some documentation of the PS3 being purely software playback as well or at least there being a difference in the picture unless you have a really large screen, like 50k$projector 100" size screen. The PS3 BD playback was planned from the beginning and a central part of Sony's stradigy was to offer people high quality blueray movie playback in the PS3. The reason why PS3 loads any movie a lot faster than any SA player is allegedly the Cell processor. How do you know that the PS3 hardware is not being utilized and is actually optimized for Bluray playback?
I'm not trying to say that the standalones are not any better at all, not the expensive line of BD players at least, but from what I've heard from people that has both, the difference is simply not there. Greatest difference at the moment is the PS3's inability to support DTS-HD MA and we don't know if it will in the future. What it will do is upgrade to a 2.0 player via firmware update.

I can hardly see why anyone would want anything but a PS3 as a BD player right now besides if you have some kind of inherent hate for gaming or consoles (*cough Jack Thompson cough*) or if you're simply aiming for a super high end hifi setup.

So based on what I have read (I haven't seen the difference side-by-side yet) my clear recommendations go to the PS3. As a bonus you'll also have a true HD console that IMO is kind of beginning it's development where Xbox360 has peaked, technically speaking.
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