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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Originally Posted by evilchris
The PS3 is not futureproof because the HDMI chip it uses is completely unable to bitstream anything. If new codecs are added, you cannot just pray that Sony decides to make an onboard SOFTWARE decoder for it, like you are praying for with DTS-MA.

I currently run a Panasonic BD-30, and it allows me 100% access to *all* sound formats BD has. Your PS3 does not. I do not want to listen to DTS core when MA is available. It also does not take "several minutes" to load a movie. It is a 1.1 player that is superior to PS3 in both picture and sound. Facts.
You are then one of the few people I have seen that claims to own both a PS3 and SA Blu-ray player and also claims that there is any noticable difference in video quality. It's not that I don't believe you by default, it's just that you're in minority to the about 10 individual statements I have heard from other people on a hifi board.

As to the exact details on PS3's audio capabilities I'll let that topic be for someone with more knowledge than me. If you have a really beefy audio setup I guess you could argue that a SA BD player would be better right in this moment, but I have read posts of people claiming to get uncompressed audio out of their PS3's somehow, I think they were using it in conjunction with a receiver though I'm not sure. We may have an firmware update in the future, who knows. We didn't have DVD upscaling or 24fps playback from the beginning either, though I wouldn't bet on it. But I'd still say that the audio decoding capabilities of the PS3 has more to do with your needs (but in a sense you can say it's futureproof if you intent to buy some badass audio equitment some day, but we still don't know the true potential of PS3 until later) while the garanteed profile 2.0 support makes it literally more futureproof.

I also haven't heard of any SA BD player that doesn't take something around several minutes from when you put in the disc to the film is actually playing, but yours may be one of the faster? Still everyone is saying that the PS3 loads movies significantly faster than anything else out there.

I would get a PS3 or in the event of this OP having some very serious hifi equipment at home, wait for the first highend 2.0 players to score good reviews across the board, but that's just me
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