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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Originally Posted by Gaco
You are then one of the few people I have seen that claims to own both a PS3 and SA Blu-ray player and also claims that there is any noticable difference in video quality. It's not that I don't believe you by default, it's just that you're in minority to the about 10 individual statements I have heard from other people on a hifi board.

As to the exact details on PS3's audio capabilities I'll let that topic be for someone with more knowledge than me. If you have a really beefy audio setup I guess you could argue that a SA BD player would be better right in this moment, but I have read posts of people claiming to get uncompressed audio out of their PS3's somehow, I think they were using it in conjunction with a receiver though I'm not sure.
I had a 40GB PS3 for 3 days. Returned to Fry's due to unacceptable fan noise and soft picture compared to my SAL at the time, a BD-10AK.

PS3 can do uncompressed and THD over LPCM to any HDMI 1.1 and up receiver. It cannot bitstream any advanced codecs, however. This is a hardware issue. The untapped power of tEH cELL can not get over the HDMI transmitter limitation of the PS3. DTS-HD MA is dead in the water, the only hope is software decoding in the future and sending via LPCM already decoded.
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