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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by twizller
Im using nhancer 2.4 beta along with call of duty 4 (on xfx 8800GT), but im not sure on what AA compatibility to choose from the list:
This option is only required if AA doesn't work for a game.

Some games use special rendering techniques which inhibits the driver's normal Anti-Aliasing method.

With this option the driver can be told to work around some of those problems.

For most games where this is required and possible, nVidia already provided a profile with the correct AA compatibility setting. A few games, like for example "Two Worlds" could also use AA if you set such a compatibility value, but nVidia neglected that.

So: If you get AA you don't have any reason to look for that setting. If you don't get AA you can try a couple of values if they make a difference. The various AA & HDR settings are the most promising ones.

Note: All drivers later that 169.17 have a bug that completely disables profile controlled Anti-Aliasing. So if you want to use AA, you shouldn't use any later driver than 169.17!
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