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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by six_storm
All I gotta say is that just like the console vs. PC debates, it all comes down to the games. In this situation it all comes down to the movie titles. People who buy into HDM will buy the format that is either cheaper or has more movies that they would buy/rent.

I bought the HD-DVD X360 drive in Dec. 2006 and kept it for 4 months, only to find that many titles that I wanted in HD were BR only. Heck, here I spent $200 on the drive and about $90 on 3 HD-DVD titles, go to Best Buy and see all the movies I really want are on Blu-Ray. It sat around and since the format wars were still raging on, I decided to sell it until a winner was declared.

I'm almost afraid to buy into HDM again, but I wanna complete my HTPC with either a Blu-Ray only drive or a hybrid combo drive.

Look familiar anyone?

Do you ever see yourself getting a PS3 for games like MGS4, Resistance 2 or anything else? If so why is it so difficult to take the plunge if most of the movies you want to get are on blu-ray? You can still go the stand alone route if you buy into the hype that its substandard.
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