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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Gaco
HD DVD and Blu-ray are basically identical as technologies; they both offer the same stunning visuals and audio, interactive features and more capacity. The differences are really in the details IMO. Going back to SD DVD or resorting to piracy in spite of loving HDM just because HD DVD, the format some people bet on, didn't come out on top in the format war is fanboynism. What you own proves nothing. If you feel bias-free and totally rational just because of the fact that you had the funds of buying into both formats, congratulations.
I have a PC which I prefer for gaming but I also have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox360 and Playstation 3. I primarily bought the PS3 as a Blu-ray player though I could have easily gone with the much cheaper Xbox360 HD DVD drive + 5 free movies. I chose Blu-ray back in December because I thought it had all nearly the advantages but most importantly the greatest chance of winning the format war. This makes me a fanboy? I think not... if HD DVD would've won, I would of course be somehow frustrated and annoyed, but without thinking twice switched over to HD DVD instead, not limiting myself to SD DVD or piracy because I bet for the wrong horse.

What I meant is that no 2.0 movie will be released with an accompanying 1.1 version on the market. And I think we will see very few, if any, double dips just to add a minor 2.0 functionality into a movie, but that's just my prediction.
I resent the fact Blu-Ray is inferior to HD-DVD, yet the players cost more. I also hate the fact THERE ISN'T A SINGLE COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION to be able to run 2.0 profile discs except the PS3, when I would prefer a standalone solution.

Every single multi format release to date has been better on HD-DVD from what I have seen, and it would be great for someone to prove otherwise.

And why on earth would I buy a crappy 1.0 or 1.1 version of a movie when I could pick up a HD-DVD version with all the extra goodies already in?

Blu-Ray has won, great... now show me why it's the better format.

Can you provide me with some valid information as to why it's the better format?

I will have to wait for a 2.0 player aswell as 2.0 versions of movies just to get the functionality that HD-DVD offers.

How is common sense making me a fanboy here?

If Blu-Ray offered the same value and features as the HD-DVD counterparts I would be thrilled by it, and have no quarms on jumping in..... but where the hell do I go to do just that?

Are you saying I have to wait for 2.0 profile discs and for 2.0 players before it's worthwhile? .... crazy, so much for the new HDM era.
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