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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Originally Posted by MowTin
I have a 4 year old 5.1 Receiver. No HDMI, only optical and digital audio. DTS decoder. So, I think a PS3 will help because it can decode those fancy new format.

My wife is like, "A PS3?! You already have a 360 why do you need a PS3?!"

It's hard to get the wives to believe that the PS3 is mainly for Blu-ray playing.
The PS3 will do you no good then. Does your receiver have 5.1 analog inputs? If so, try a Sharp BD-HP20. Good price, and you can get Uncompressed 5.1 as well as Dolby TrueHD over its 5.1 analog outputs. If you don't have HDMI the PS3 can only deliver you DD 5.1 and DTS over optical. It decodes TrueHD but can only send it as LPCM over HDMI. Same with Uncompressed.
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