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Default Re: Returned HD-DVD player. What should I buy? PS3?

Originally Posted by evilchris
If you don't have HDMI the PS3 can only deliver you DD 5.1 and DTS over optical. It decodes TrueHD but can only send it as LPCM over HDMI. Same with Uncompressed.
I have a samsung 46" 65F LCD TV. I have HDMI to the TV and toslink out from the TV. I figure the PS3 will send at least 5.1 to the TV and I'll get it from the optical out into my receiver. Is that right?

I'm happy with 5.1 DTS. I can't imagine anything sounding much better to my rather unsophisticated ears.

I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on the PS3. I sure miss my HD-DVD but at least the war ended before my Best Buy return window closed. I only own Happy Feet. The detail on thos sea lions was awesome.

I think a lot of people are in my situation. HDTV is great but the cable stuff is a little weak. Only a high def player really shows off the clarity of HD.
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