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Default Blu-ray vs. HD DVD (an in depth analysis)

Blu-ray Codecs
MPEG2 157(titles) 35.60 %
AVC 162(titles) 36.73 %
VC-1 122(titles) 27.66 %

HD DVD Codecs
MPEG2 11(titles) 3.19 %
AVC 35(titles) 10.14 %
VC-1 299(titles) 86.67 %

HD DVD has the most VC-1 titles, and the highest majority of VC-1 titles. The rumor that most of the Blu-ray discs use VC-1 as a primary compression is false.
HD DVD's argument is true. They do use VC-1 more.

Blu-ray Exclusives
Exclusive 284(titles) 62.56 %
Not Exclusive 170(titles) 37.44 %

HD DVD Exclusives
Exclusive 220(titles) 56.41 %
Not Exclusive 170(titles) 43.59 %

Blu-ray wins in this round as for exclusives.


Moderators feel free to delete this topic if you wish. I just wanted to let people know some tidbits.
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