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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
It's quite simple to see it will come good, but only when it needs to.

I just hope they re-issue alot of the older releases.
Me too.. and I too that they in time hope will abandon MPEG2 completely so we don't even have to worry about it anymore and check with each release. I think it's because MPEG2 was used for DVD an therefor the authoring tools and experience is much more ready for an MPEG2 encoding on Blu-rays also (luckily BD's have the capacity to make MPEG2 look awesome in the right hands), but the trend has been a falling amount of MPEG2 movies because most studios are readjusting (Fox seems to be the slowest one) to either mostly MPEG4 AVC but also VC-1. But in any case I trust hidefdigest's reviews enough to buy any MPEG2 title that receives praise for it's video quality.

Originally Posted by evilchris
Gaco you sound like a Sony CES rep spewing talking points.

Blu-ray is in no way "clearly superior technology".

BDJ is a disgusting mess. Sony agrees. Sony ( your shill job ) preferred HDi from the start.

We also keep hearing about how much more capable BD is....the proof is in the pudding. I know "just you wait!"
I have stated several reasons why I think it's clearly superior technology, you just do you usual: disagree without presenting any counter arguments or elaborating on your statements whatsoever.

BDJ is a disgusting mess - your opinion
Sony agree - would like to see some documentation of this
They preferred HDi from the beginning - I doubt this as well though in the event of this being correct, perhaps they chose BDJ for a reason, no?

Originally Posted by evilchris
Gaco is in love with the format, the plastic disc part of it. Not the end result. The product. "Just you wait, it has so much potential!!"
The end result in my opinion is 95% identical both in quality and features to the HD DVD when judging off the same multiformat titles. They are equal now and dependent on whether you prefer best sound possible or best interactive features possible, you may lean slightly towards Blu-ray or HD DVD. But the difference then is, Blu-ray hold far more future potential than HD DVD. And yes I love that fact. And I love the fact that if one of them should win, it ended up being the more future proof.
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