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Default Re: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD (an in depth analysis)

Originally Posted by six_storm
I'm not a rich guy so buying into something like this is an investment to me lol. I can't just buy a $300-$400 standalone HD-DVD player, movies for $20-$30 a pop and then be semi-screwed when the format dies out. Yeah, I could get a $180 HD-DVD drive for the 360 but still, that's $180 that could've went somewhere else. I know I sound cheap but seriously, I'm a broke college student about to get married . . . yeah . . .
yea i was hopin HD-DVD would do well so i could pick up a pretty cheap HD-DVD addon for my 360. but tbh, i cant afford a BD player atm. maybe i can get a BD-ROM for my PC.
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