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Default Re: nForce2 audio on slackware 9.0?

Originally posted by jim64
I have an Fic au13 mobo with the nforce2 chipset. I can't get the audio to work. I am trying to use the on board audio.
What i have tried.
-I have downloaded and installed the source drivers from no luck.
-I have tried sndconfig. no luck

Basically i am starting over and have reinstalled slackware 9.0. I used mandrake for a wile and audio worked but i decided to get rid of it bc i like slack better.
Ask me any thing that you like and i will post the info. Also i have made a post on where many ppl seem to have the same problem but no one has a solution. I am running kernel 2.4.20 and i heard that in later kernels support for nforce2 is built in. Is that true?
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What have you tried? I got it to work in Slack9 with some effort.
First of all upgrade to kernel 2.4.21, and remember to enable AMD Viper support in IDE settings so you'll have DMA support.
As for sound, I had to enable sound support (Of course) and also support for Ensoniq 1370 cards. (Yes, even though you won't use it) If I didnt enable the 1370 card I got unresolved symbols when trying to insert the nvidia sound module.
Now, recompile the kernel and reboot with that, then just compile the nvnet and nvaudio modules, install them and load them with modprobe nvnet and modprobe nvaudio, and everything should work fine.
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