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Default Re: My HTPC Project (Worklog)

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
VOB is MPEG2, so quality would be the same, but if they are with MPEG extension. Then Media Center Extender (360) should find them.
Gotcha. Thanks for the info.

One thing I've noticed to is that the quality of my backed up DVDs aren't as good as playing the DVDs through my 360. When using DVDShrink, I'm guessing that it does a straight up rip and does not upconvert it? Everything on the backed up copy looks real grainy compared to being played straight off the disc.

This project is starting to turn out to be a stinker, probably one of the worst wastes of money I've ever had. I can't watch/record HD channels (f***in Comcast), TV quality isn't what I expected, the music conversion is taking forever to do (I have a lot of music and hardly no time) and now my backed up DVD quality is pretty poor. I'm starting to have second thoughts about making this.
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