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Default Re: Party's over folks... Universal is not renewing HD-DVD contract

Originally Posted by Ruined
You have to be kidding me.

Unless you consider macroblocking/artifacting on Tom Cruises' face, on the transition of his arm raised up & the sky, and all along the bumper and license plate of the exploding car "superior".
Obviously I can see that I was wrong regarding MI3 i those pictures are correct and I can only assume that they are. I know a guy that has both HD DVD and Blu-ray players who told me the examples of MI3 and The Prestige, apparently he was wrong about MI3 (The Prestige is still a valid example unless you can prove it otherwise? hidefdigest also gave the BD version a higher audio score).

But my general impression still stands. Blu-ray has gradually grown out of it's crappy-MPEG2-encodings-infant-stage an newer releases are similar to HD DVD in video quality. BD has always had the upper hand in audio quality. Blu-ray has been lagging behind in interactive features but is now catching up fast as only 1.1 and 2.0 players were announced at this CES. And if you think about the current and future adopters which will make up the far majority of the userbase, not just the early adopters, I still believe Blu-ray has more potential. Obviously the extra capacity and the extra data bandwidth that makes a lot higher bitrates possible on video and a lot more uncompressed audiotracks available has not been evident so much yet though there are a few titles that really outshines anything, especially Pioneer Labs' tranfers (they work on Disney's and Buena Vista's transfers) are unparalleled from what I've seen IMO. What I also think is superior is when BD can hold the extra material on Harry Potter 4 also on the same disc while the US HD DVD releases had it in SD and the Europeans got it in HD but on a second disc.

I may or may not be right about Blu-ray potential being fully more and consistently utilized in the future, I guess we'll have to see about that

BTW looking back I think I overreacted a bit to Peoples Agent's post. He may prefer HD DVD so much that he'd rather go SD DVD and piracy in the future, that is somehow HD DVD fanboyness but I think I came off as an ass back then, I apologize
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