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Default Re: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD (an in depth analysis)

Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent
I generally agree with him with regards to general rushed encodes you find scattered online that are suppose to be "Demo's" of the codec, but for movie use done professionally by the studios, I find it hard to judge tbh.

I've seen all three of HDM codecs in action, and the only one that truly stands out is MPEG2 for being rediculously poor. (Most of the time)
I agree Mpeg2 sucks when not given enough space... but Crank and even Kung Fu Hustle (to a lesser degree) still look pretty awesome (especially Crank which looks freaking amazing). I am not saying "GIMME MPEG2 4 EVA!", but I don't mind it on some titles so long as I get the same PQ for the most part.
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