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Originally Posted by grey_1
Hey Delbert - so if the core is raised unlinked from the shaders the shaders are still bottlenecking it? And it would be the same issues to watch for as ocing the core - artifacts, temps, stability etc?

i can only quote from my experiments... I tried 780/2000/2200 ( core/shader/mem) got a 3DM06 of 16379... moved to 800/2000/2200 and got the same... only managed to improve when i moved the shaders to 2050.... 16499...
Artifacts, temps etc all come in to it.... in my opinion, the G92 GTS needs a reliable Volt mod to unleash it... there is so much left in it with the right cooling setup.

I may look at changing the cooler if the next gen is delayed ( or disappoints ).
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