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A couple more questions and i answered that question about creating the link. Yes i needed to be in "/usr/src/". I know that you said i need to enable "AMD viper support" but there is also "AMD viper ATA-66 Override". I have an ata-66 hd do ti need to enable "AMD viper ATA-66 Override".
What else should i enable for every thing to keep working?
I have an AMD Athlon in a FIC AU13 mobo with the nForce2 chipset.
I also have :
-ATI Radion 7000 gfx card
-Hauppauge wintv sterio dbx fm (bt878 chipset)
-Lynksys network card using tulip driver configured with dhcp.
If you know any thing about what i should enable to keep that stuff working please tell me. I actually do not have bttv installed yet. Thats my next project.
Thanks i will wait to hear b4 i proceed. (i am currently running make menuconfig thingey).
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